Friday, December 16, 2016

Mrs. Emily Anne Valovich Cofer

This is about a woman who gives.

At 16, she held a lot of her grief in, so that she could be there for her mother and sisters. 

She was there, for every low moment, to cry together, and most importantly to push forward when others only comforted. 

She gave her heart to a young military man, desperate for her affection. He was enamored by her faith, wisdom, and effortless beauty.

Married at 18, she moved away from her home and friends when he was stationed in California, and then she was forced to be away when he deployed for half of their first year of marriage.

She gave up becoming a physical therapist assistant, in order to be able to move home when her husband's service was done and have children.

She gave up her choice of where to live even after moving home, when her husband was accepted to a university in a big city. 

She gave up her sleep, welcoming her first child while helping her husband go to school and work. 

She delayed another dream of becoming a certified personal trainer in order to have another child, and then strived for it even having a newborn, a toddler, a husband at school and work and was still able to get certified. 

She was surprised to learn her husband wanted to become a police officer, knowing his uniform would put him at risk and keep him away at night. Then she had to let him go and train, constantly distracted at how to do his job safely and well.

Now she is giving more of her sleep, and comfort, fighting past nausea and exhaustion while running a home with two toddlers as she waits for her third child.

She gives constantly, always looking for someone to help and someone to befriend. 

She is my wife, she is who I admire most, she is:

Mrs. Emily Anne Valovich Cofer

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