Monday, April 18, 2011

To My Beautiful Lady

In love though distant

You have held constant,

With a fierce heart of hope

You have never ceased to dote,

Whether phone calls or mail

Your love comes without fail,

I feel like the love you ensure

Could never cease to endure,

Without a doubt these days with you my wife

Have been the most treasured of all my life,

My closest times with you are my greatest treasure

And I can’t wait for the pleasure of being blessed together.

And though this time apart from each other has been so trying

I know that there is a reason God kept us prying,

Deeper and deeper into His life and our love

Showing us who He is with a gentle shove,

Until we see that He shows us His character

Through our own selfless love for each other.

Thank you for loving me this day

I pray you feel my love in every way.


  1. Oh love :) Thank you for this so so much! You are the most caring husband, and I feel your love constantly. Thank you sweetie :) I love it, and I love you very much.

  2. What a gift you have given not just to your wonderful, beautiful bride, but to those of us who bathe in the radiating glory that drifts our way.

    May your love continue to bless and be an example to others who are honored to witness it.