Sunday, November 15, 2009

So far so blah......

Well, so far so blah....

I've lost a lot of the concentration I had as of last week. But definitely not all of it. This last week has been rough on me, and very rewarding as well, as i sit here, and think about it. As of last week after my weekend passed I ran into the usual hectic Monday hustle and bustle at work and completely lost all focus in the demands of the sick, and more frustrating than that the demands of other people trying to help the sick. Most of which were frustrated at the sick, who were frustrated for having to wait, who were then in turn frustrated at the staff being annoyed with them. It's a vicious cycle, that I, being at the front desk trying to control everything, get thrown into instantly. And it's never the patients that get to me, although I have run into some very angry barely sick higher ups that think their rank in the military permits them higher priority than the really sick that really cranked a nerve. But it is usually one of two individuals among my coworkers that treats patients without respect because they don't understand what is wrong with them. So I lost all train of thought Monday morning. I was really hoping to have time before we started to go around the building and simply pray for everyone that would pass through it, and that they be blessed, but I planned on that almost everyday this whole last week and never got to it. Also my love started praying for those she gives coffee to, and I was planning on praying for everyone that entered our doors since I see everyone go in and out, but that did not work out either. And then later that night I went to a bible study with a few military friends that I don't appreciate too much. The speaker and I have some different opinions and honestly I think he's the slowest speaking man I've ever heard. And after that and the remainder of the week my love and I have been really struggling with being so far away; it's really hit hard this week, first for her, and now for me. And with us both being busy between work, family for her, and bible study guys for me we hadn't been talking as much as usual lately. This week has been rough, but in it I've still held on to the truth of God's promises in my life, and the thankfulness I need to show to Him as often as I can through listening to Him like a child, and obeying Him like a centurion. I am so incredibly thankful for the group of men He has placed in my life here, and my endlessly supportive family, and most of all my girl; I would not be where I am if not for her, and I am never letting go.

Well, that was majoritively all over the place, but that's how my week felt. This week end was great fun, climbing mountains and watching ridiculous movies and talking lots on the phone. And I am excited for another week of it, but hopefully more focused on the Lord at work especially. No noticeable steps of faith in His direction as of yet since last week, but I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you if I can remember any opportunities to, I will try harder. And lastly I've started to really get back on the effort of memorizing scripture, and I've been able to lift a lot of things up to my God through them. I would definitely recommend it :) Well, off to my love. I pray you have a fantastic and successful week, I know you will.



  1. Even in the midst of struggling week, I hear your heart and desire for the Lord, my, I am proud of you!

  2. What a great and powerful line "obeying Him like a centurion". To hear your heart's cry for more of Him..what a thrilling encouragement.

  3. I'm sorry it was a frustrating week. We both had a pretty off week. But today was a better start today, and we prayed for customers, and patients more today :) I love you :)